Taco Mac – Southern Brewer’s Challenge Results (We placed!!)

The results are in.  Taco Mac and Atlanta Brewing Company took the total of 103 submissions and whittled that down to 20, with five groups of tasters advancing their favorite from a field of approximately 20 per group. That group of 20 got broken down to five finalists, and then ultimately one winner. The finalists are:

  • Jay Powell for “Midnight Brown” (English Nut Brown)
  • Bob Southard for “The Queen’s Imperial Cherry Chocolate Porter”
  • JT Beckham for “Muddy Paws” (Mocha Java Stout)
  • Brian Borngesser for “BrIPA”
  • Chris Payne for “St. Issadore The Farmer” (Heavy Cream Ale)

And the winner is….Bob Southard for “The Queen’s Imperial Cherry Chocolate Porter”! Congratulations to Bob.

So out of 103 submissions, we placed in the top 6.   Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  You can read the entire results article here,