Colorado Brewery Tour – Day 2

Our 2nd day touring breweries took us to Boulder, CO.  Here we got to spend time at Upslope Brewing, Boulder Beer Co, and Avery Brewing.

We started the day with breakfast at 10AM at Upslope Brewing.   It wasn’t crowded at all, in fact we were the first people in the door that day.  Is beer not for breakfast anymore?

20131010_124631 20131010_131020
20131010_130742   20131010_130435

After Upslope, we moved on to Boulder Beer Company, the first brewery to open after Prohibition.  Here we met some very cool people and drank some insanely delicious beers.  Their one-offs were outstanding!

20131010_144321 20131010_144340_crop

The final brewery of day 2 was Avery Brewing.  Now we’d been to Avery before, but the beer’s so good, you know we had to stop off.