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Colorado Brewery Tour – Day 3

We went up to Fort Collins for day 3 or our breweries tour.


Here we checked out New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewing, starting at our favorite New Belgium.

20131012_110315      20131012_130748

Naturally, we had to take some pics of us there.


Then, it was time for tastin’!!  Of course, they always have their mainstay beers on tap…

20131012_112320     20131012_113924

…but also they have some fine one-offs and experimental beers in their Lips of Faith series.


Who’s that guy sittin’ there?

Hi!  I’m playing hide-and-go-drink with myself!

Outside is the New Belgium camper…fun times!


Colorado Brewery Tour – Day 2

Our 2nd day touring breweries took us to Boulder, CO.  Here we got to spend time at Upslope Brewing, Boulder Beer Co, and Avery Brewing.

We started the day with breakfast at 10AM at Upslope Brewing.   It wasn’t crowded at all, in fact we were the first people in the door that day.  Is beer not for breakfast anymore?

20131010_124631 20131010_131020
20131010_130742   20131010_130435

After Upslope, we moved on to Boulder Beer Company, the first brewery to open after Prohibition.  Here we met some very cool people and drank some insanely delicious beers.  Their one-offs were outstanding!

20131010_144321 20131010_144340_crop

The final brewery of day 2 was Avery Brewing.  Now we’d been to Avery before, but the beer’s so good, you know we had to stop off.



Colorado Brewery Tour – Day 1

Our Colorado brewery tour began just as soon as we landed in Denver.  We hopped into the car and headed for Longmont, CO, home to Left Hand Brewing, Oskar Blues Brewing, and Echo Brewing among others.

The first place we checked out was Left Hand.

Left Hand Brewing Company

Left Hand Brewing Company

Naturally, we had to pose out front…  (there’s lots more of this)

Left Hand Brewing Company

Left Hand Brewing Company

This brewery was extremely lucky during the historic flooding that took place in Colorado just weeks before.  The brewery, at the intersection of Boston Avenue and the St. Vrain river channel, miraculously did not flood.  Check out the aerial flood photo here.  The damage was still very visible, as seen in this photo below.  The large chunks of concrete in the river were parts of the former sidewalk along the bank.  What a mess!

St. Vrain flooding at Left Hand Brewing Company

Here’s a picture of the entrance to the brewery.
And here’s a picture of the outdoor seating area complete with cornhole. It’s a very relaxing place.20131009_133734

After checking the brewery out, we had to try some beer!  We each ordered a 4 taster flight and had a few tasters on the house.


Here are a few more pictures from Left Hand Brewing.

20131009_142003     20131009_141533     20131009_143812     20131009_142457     20131009_142531

After Left Hand, it was time to head to Oskar Blues Brewing and the Tasty Weasel Taproom!

We chose one flight of their 7 mainstay beers, and another flight with 7 of their one-off-Wednesday specialty beers.

20131009_170348     20131009_155736

As you can see, it was pretty busy, but they know how to pour beer!
20131009_155648    20131009_155643

20131009_155652    20131009_160013

The last brewery we visited was Echo Brewing.


Echo has got some AMAZING beers!!
20131009_181832    20131009_181824

All in all, day 1 was a huge success!