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Counter-pressure bottle filler

Just like the immersion chiller, I decided to build a counter-pressure bottle filler, rather than buy one. The main thing I wanted was all stainless-steel parts, no brass and nothing containing lead.

Parts arrive…


Some assembly required, but nothing difficult.

Here’s the finished counter-pressure chiller. Mine is all stainless-steel and I saved about $40 building vs. buying.

20120712_223636 20120715_185304

Here are a few pictures of the counter-pressure filler in-use. It works very well.

20120715_184146 20120715_184131

Kegging the Cream Ale

Wish there were more and exciting pictures, but here’s the only one we took during kegging.20120609_133714

Nice work, JT!

Chiller build

Rather than purchase a copper immersion chiller, I set out to build one. I figured I could build one to my specifications for about two-thirds of the cost of a pre-made one. I purchased a 50-foot spool of 1/2″OD (3/8″ ID) copper refrigeration tubing from Lowe’s for about $85. [Note: copper prices were near their peak and the price has since dropped].

Using a 5-gallon corny keg (perfect size), I wrapped the coil tightly around keeping about a foot from each end uncoiled.

20120224_155401 20120224_160323

I then slipped the keg out and had a finished coil.


Next I had to bend the ends to form the chiller input and output.

20120224_163943 20120224_172911

Finished coil. All I had to do to complete this chiller was to add high temperature hosing and clamps. The total cost of my chiller was just under $110. If you can find a pre-made chiller made from 50′ of 1/2″ copper for under $130, I’d like to see it. And it works like a champ!